Factors That Every Amateur Sugar Baby Needs to Consider Before Their First Arrangement

The most common mistake that newbie sugar babies make is keep unrealistic expectations from their sugar daddies.  Most women believe that simply creating a dating profile on a popular platform and uploading a few pictures is sufficient enough to draw attention from potential sugar daddies.  Sugar dating is nothing like traditional dating and the rules of the latter do not apply.  This is why most women leave heartbroken and blame the website for failing to deliver on their promise.

Fantasy vs. Reality

In reality, sugar dating is more difficult than you think and requires strategy to be successful.  In a conventional situation, the women usually play hard-to-get.  The roles are reversed in sugar dating. Here, the man gets to choose whom he wants to date and decides the rules of the game.

Most sugar daddies are not looking for a long-term partner.  An arrangement typically has a lifespan and both partners are expected to move on with their lives at the end of the tenure.  However, this is easier said than done and most often the women are left heartbroken and without a Plan B to fall back on.  This is a strict no-no for sugar dating, as women are advised to stay emotionally detached from their partners as much as possible—without making it obvious.

Sugar daddies are usually busy men so you must never keep them waiting on a date.  That is a real deal-breaker.  If you are busy keeping scores and not interested in paying attention to your partner, that could lead to a quick end to your arrangement, too.  Sugar daddies are looking for respite from their hectic schedule.  If you are unable to offer peace of mind, your relationship is as good as over.

Getting Started

If you are still interested in sugar dating and would love to give it a try, we recommend reading a few good reviews and running your own background research before enlisting on a website. localtemptation is one of the most renowned platforms in the game.  You should decide for yourself whether you want to sign up instead of making your decision based on what others have to say.

If you ever come across rumors of the localtemptation scam, ask for proof before falling prey to a host of misinformation.


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