Localtemptation.com is Definitely Yet Another one in the Herd

In the sea of the numerous click-bait online dating websites, localtemptation.com is nothing different. In this fast world where most people often tend to depend on the Internet and social media for meeting new people, these fraud websites have found new ways to trick people into their subscriptions. Many of the localtemptation.com reviews have thrown light on the fact that the website uses several ways to trick people into their subscriptions. We have listed some of the most primary ways by which they do this and it is always advised to go through all the reviews of these online dating websites before actually investing any kind of money in them.


The companies hire employees

Most of these websites including localtemptation.com hire employees who are used to misguide the users who invested their money into thinking they are actually interacting with the user who owns the profile. Most of the time it is the hired employee who interacts with the subscribers of the website and misleads them into conversations. It is very important to note that these employees are actually paid to talk to the subscribers and almost all the time it is them who forwarded the messages.

Most of the e-mails are automated

Did you receive any kind of welcome e-mail, followed by a string of messages from a number of profiles from the website just after the subscription? Chances are that these e-mails are mostly sent in via the automatically generated system or were forwarded by the employees who work for the website. It is very important to note that these e-mails often tend to redirect the users to either the upgrade page of the subscriptions or even simply the subscription page of the website when you try to chat with the woman who has sent you the e-mail. Most of them are a hoax.


The message is mentioned in the website

The fact that the website might use fake profiles and send in automated messages is mentioned right under the terms and conditions is yet more proof of how much of how the website is an imposter. Most of these are mentioned but people often tend to ignore these, thinking they aren’t necessary. So this simply implies that they are actually owning up to their fraud practices and claiming them to be true.


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